Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Have an Addiction . . .

. . . called YouTube.

It's getting serious.

I have discovered that you can pretty much learn how to do any damn thing you desire on YouTube.  There are these awesome people who break things down into step by step videos called tutorials.  There's even one for making crack.  (I know this because one night I was all, "YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO DO ANYTHING ON YOUTUBE!!!!!" and Wes was all, "Can you learn how to make crack?"  I put it in the search box and well . . . yeah.  Apparently you can also make hot dogs at the same time.)

Anyway-YouTube is awesome.

My execution is somewhat less so as evidenced by my previous Alton Brown mishap and various undocumented hair disasters.  But the successes . . .  oh the successes!

Shall we talk about my latest find?  Zumba!

I am one of those people who is completely entranced by those Saturday morning BeachBody infomercials.  I am fortunate, however, to not be deluded about my actual level of physical skill.  P90X. . . oh hell no.  But Zumba . . .

Here's a confession.  I can't dance.  The Black authorities might take my Black card for making that known but it's the damn truth.  I suppose to be completely accurate, I should say that I can't dance well.  However, lack of ability does not negate the desire for serious dancing skills.  Zumba has your regular aerobic elements but the music and a lot of the moves make it feel like something way more fun. 

Ultimately, Zumba lets me live the dancing dream.  YouTube lets me do it for free in the safety of my living room until I can get up the nerve to attempt one of the many, many classes offered in the area.

Check it out!

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