Thursday, February 17, 2011

Planning to Begin to Plan: Part the Second

Without further ado . . . our wedding budget.

Apparel: 200.00
This includes the dress.  Yes, the WEDDING DRESS, and whatever Wes wants to wear.

Flowers: 100.00

Stationary: 100.00
This includes postage as well.

Miscellaneous: 100.00
On the budget sheet we downloaded, miscellaneous actually includes the marriage license.  Why is that miscellaneous?  It's kind of necesssary.

Ceremony: 150.00
This includes officiant fee and tips as well as altar decorations and guestbook.

Reception: 400.00
Including food, decorations, entertainment, etc.

There you have our essentials.

What's missing?  Well, we completely did away with categories for photography (GASP!), wedding rings, honeymoon, rehearsal dinner, and gifts and favors.

Our challenge now is to prove that it can be done and that it can be done well.

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