Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making it Fancy: Invitation Printing

I, like a lot of brides to be, had dreams of letterpress.  Creamy, heavy paper.  Romantic designs.  All the fancy expensiveness.

And then I eyeballed the prices.  As I don't have any firstborn children to sell I was forced to get real with a quickness.

DIY/DIT was clearly the way to go . . . but that way lay danger too.  Check out the real budget breakdowns for these semi-DIY invitations here on Weddingbee.  Printing at home can be pretty pricey too.

There is another option though.  It's less luxuriant but it can still elevate your plain text out of the everyday.  What are your thoughts on thermography?


Raised printing.  It can be used on designs too.

It is more expensive than flat printing but considerably less expensive than letterpress.  If you find an independent printer it could be a real bargain. 

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