Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fitting Woes . . . and Plan B

You might recall that I decided, because I'm awesome like that, that I was going to sew my own wedding dress.  You might recall this dress from my inspiration post.

I love this dress.  It's a strapless A-line, sweetheart neckline, cummberbund detail that could give me the illusion of a waist, and pockets! It's looks so light and airy.  (I also can not find the name or style to save my life.  It's a Watters gown and the Mojave looks the most similar.)  I was thinking about making a short version . . . and I still might, but I might go long for the wedding.  Why?  Well, in my mind that means I don't have to worry about shoes.  I like that option.  I am tempted to go for white for the same reasons and also because I'm having trouble finding fabric in a shade of pink I like.

I went shopping at Jo-anns during a pattern sale and I found this.
The bones are there. Just disregard the tulle, the ribbons, and the fake flowers.  I will admit though that an organza overlay might be the business--and a nice fit for obnoxious baby pink.  It doesn't have a sweetheart neckline or pockets, but pockets are an easy fix and I think I could play around with the neckline a little as well.

The only problem?  The largest size doesn't fit--by like a lot.  (Insert horrified face here)

I couldn't wait too long to get my hands into it, so I went ahead and cut it out of a sheet I bought from goodwill to fit the pattern.  The bodice covers my boobs, but it doesn't come close to meeting in the back.  Agony! Defeat.  This thing must run pretty true to size because in the past I could always make it work.  I didn't take any pictures of that first fitting . . .  but I will as I go on.  Because I'm not giving up on dream dress.

I have a plan.  And that plan involves freezer paper.

 I am going to make this dress fit.  I think a full bust adjustment and adding a few inches in the back would do it.  However, these call for alterations to the pattern.  I usually skip the pin fitting pattern tissue step because it is fucking ridiculous to try to wear tissue paper.  However, fitting paper would possibly save time in the long run so I thought maybe freezer paper would work better.  It's a little heavier, a little more sturdy.  (It also has all kinds of craft applications)  This could work right?

My plan is to trace my pattern pieces onto the freezer paper and I am going to baste that together on my machine and fit that.  If I can get it right on paper, I'll do another muslin and if it looks right in cloth, then I'll order the good stuff and get to work on that.

World domination would probably be easier . . . but as I can barely find that dress on Google image search it's the best I got!

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