Friday, April 29, 2011


Or unfinished objects in the sewist's parlance.

My current project file bag
Right now I have wedding dress-huge project, a sundress that needs hemming for my mother, another sundress for me in the same fabric (matching outfits? What was I thinking?).  The wedding dress is the big project of course and I've spend most of this evening researching different construction techniques. 

I'm dragging ass on the sundresses even though the weather lately has been pretty much begging for them.  Why am I dragging ass?  Because they are evil, heinous, fucking knits.  And I complicated my life by adding bias tape and my seams just were not the business.  Also, the wide shoulder straps bring out the linebacker in me so I'm really not feeling the style. 

This is unfortunate because I had plans last summer for a zebra print maxi dress that I still have the fabric for.  Maybe I will find a way to alter the pattern into something I actually like.

I have been cruising sewing enthusiasts blogs lately and compared to some, my fabric stash is actually pretty small.  In addition to the zebra knit, I also have some black jersey and some black shirting to make some work clothes.  I am determined to be productive this year.  I also think that fitting and sewing other garments will refresh and reinforce my sewing skills so that my wedding dress won't look completely amateurish. 

That's the plan anyway.  I have binders full of patterns and I'm already on the hunt for more.

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