Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well . . . not quite.

Wes and I have decided on a morning wedding.  We are setting the ceremony time at 9:00 in the morning.

We have two very good reasons. 

First, we want to have an outdoor ceremony . . . in Georgia . . . in September.  It's probably going to be hot and steamy and not necessarily in a good way. 

We also are not having the traditional party all night long wedding reception.  Instead, we're aiming for relaxing picnic.  The goal is to have the ceremony in the morning, serve a nice brunch with a little side of wedding cake and enjoy our day at the park.

We might plan a little night time outing as well but the plan is just a really low key, beautiful celebration.

Deciding on a morning wedding might seem a small decision, but it wasn't one that we came to easily.  Our wedding vision is constantly evolving and I have finally decided that this is a good thing.  

When we first start thinking about weddings, we think of all the really cool/beautiful/awesome things we've seen/heard/read about and we want our wedding to be just like that.

This is good because it's inspiration.

Seeing beautiful, ingenious ideas fires up the imagination and motivates us to push forward because wow-look how awesome it could be! 

This is bad because it can feel like pressure.

How do you make beautiful detail x happen if you don't have the funds/space/time/skill?  If you dwell on these questions too long you begin to feel like failure and like your wedding won't measure up.  This can lead to inaction which is very, very bad.

While having a plan and sticking to it works just fine for some people, others need to just commit to staying flexible.

I wasn't willing to do that and for a long time I clung to my original wedding vision which was proving to be incredibly difficult to achieve on our own.

I cried about it a little--but I eventually embraced flexibility and the license to just do whatever we wanted to do.

Deciding on a morning wedding removed a lot of the guilt and competitiveness I was feeling.  It meant that we were not planning a dinner and dance party so it really freed me to feel that we can do whatever we want. 

And that whatever we want will be just fine.

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