Friday, July 1, 2011

Invitations Leaving the Station . . .

Is July 1st too soon?

It occurs to me that I've bitched, moaned, and complained about the invitations here . . .  but I haven't actually shown you the invitations.

Behold my genius in these crappy pictures.

All awesome photos are mine
So-our plan was to spend the least amount of money on these puppies as possible by using paper goods that we already owned and buying matching envelopes in paper bag from Papersource.  Neutral wrapper + colorful scrapbook paper insides = awesome.

That didn't happen.

Brainwave the first . . . I could make the envelopes out of our stockpile of actual paper grocery store bags!  Excellent in theory but I failed in execution.  I created a template but cut the flaps too short.  

Brainwave the second . . . We could make the envelopes out of the boatload of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper I amassed when I was kidding myself about actually getting into scrapbooking. 

This . . . was a winning plan.  I handed Wes the envelope template, a pile of paper, a stapler, some scissors and some glue and he got it done.  You can see our colorful assortment along the top of the first picture.

The other components include the invitation and textured card stock backing, a postcard RSVP card, and an information hang tag all bundled together with a raffia bow.  I also picked up some typewriter key stickers for the back flaps.

If anyone is interested I'll go into more detail about the actual materials and construction details.  Leave a comment and I'll hop right to it.

I am pretty proud of this project--we used a lot of the things we already had on hand and the new crafting supplies were minimal.  I positively love that we used up a lot of old material that might otherwise have gone to waste.

How about a little list action?

What we had on hand
  • about half of the necessary postage
  • textured card stock
  • leftover expensive ass cotton paper that made printing my thesis cost a bloody fortune (still bitter)
  • photo corners

What we purchased new
  • fiskars deckle edge paper tearing guide--sounds ridiculous, is ridiculous, but it works 
  • a glue pen
  • extra card stock
  • the rest of the postage
  • stickers

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