Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Weight

Take a load off Fanny.

I have taken a hiatus from the majority of my life for the last month or so.  Most of my time, effort, and attention has gone towards refining my nutrition and fitness.

Why?  Well, in January I discovered that I was very, very close to developing type two diabetes.  While I wasn't exhibiting any symptoms, my test results were right on the line.  Stress, trauma, poor eating habits, and depression have been wreaking havoc with my physical, mental, and emotional health for years and my body just could not stand up to the pressure any longer.

I can't accept that.  More to the point, I refuse to accept that.

So I've been working on me.  Since January, I have lost sixteen pounds and, more importantly, lowered my A1C by .7 points and my fasting blood sugars to under 100.

I use the resources at my disposal, including the university health center.  The health promotion department, particularly the nutritionist, is wonderful.  I have also been signing on for a healthy dose of therapy.*

I have tried to lose weight before under desperate mental and emotional circumstances without success.  These days, counseling is what is keeping this boat on smooth(er) waters.  The holistic approach, focusing on body and soul, is keeping me together.

It has not been easy.  Or cheap.  Or pretty.  So far it has been worth it.

*I could go on about black folks and our aversion to seeking mental health services-but that's a post for another day.

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