Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The To Be Read Stack

I read a lot.  Always.

Reading is an outlet, a way to de-stress, a way to learn, a way to explore, a way to engage or disengage . . . and it is always worthwhile.

One of the most valuable things I learned in college and graduate school is how to read books in tandem.  Before those periods, I would fall into one book or one series and read through to the end.  I had total immersion skills y'all.  College presented the challenge of reading several books at once.  It's a little different from total immersion, but I have found that reading in tandem helps me see what I am reading more objectively.

Here is what is on my reading shelf right now:
Haiti: The Aftershocks of History, I Still Dream About You, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, American Terroir
  • Haiti: The Aftershocks of History looks interesting and the introduction seems promising.  I have an academic fascination with Haiti because of its history. 
  • I have already sailed through I Still Dream About You.  Generally, if Fannie Flagg wrote it, I'll read it.  It's a bit like reading ethnography even though she writes fiction.  Her writing is like a window into another world, even though she writes about things and places that I know.  Fascinating.  
  • I have also paged through The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook.  I am determined to cook something from this one because we just got a great deal on a seconds cast iron wok from the Lodge Outlet Store in Commerce.  
  • I haven't started American Terroir, but I might start on that soon.  I'm a sucker for books about food or chefs or books about food written by chefs.  
  • Bonus: Another great read was Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton.
I generally link to Amazon for books for two reasons:
  • Most of the books I purchase are for my Kindle
  • Books I don't purchase generally come from my local public library.  Library inventories can vary but you can probably always find what you are looking for on Amazon.

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