Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Ass Top Knot Bun

That's all me baby-just my hair, a headband I used as a hair tie and the three bobby pins I managed to stick in my pocket this morning.

I finally took out the flat twists I put in almost two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I was a little overzealous with the moisturizing last night so it was still too wet to leave down.  I did this bun in a moving car!  I am extra-proud of myself.

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  1. just a few random tips from a fellow natural hair traveler, been there done that( been natural for 19 years... ugh that gives away my age 38) and here are the post cards for you: best products are actually curl activators, yes, I said it, and one in particular care free curl gold will keep hair baby soft and managable, and you will actually be able to comb it, best and cheapest shampoos are dove and their conditioners to match pick the ones for dry hair, and for everyday styling, also on a budget try the Garnier fructis products, they have a styling milk and frizz tamer that is as good or better than aveda stuff. Use a wide toothed comb and an natural bristle brush, and deep condition religiously, also look into co washing, and stay away from heat whenever possible, other than that the journey is individual, and have fun with your hair, I do!


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