Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Box At a Time

We moved!

I am excited and happy and exhausted and just a little terrified.

Why?  Well, to begin with, our living area looked like a Fed Ex office.  This is actually an improvement--it originally looked like this.

Personal Image

I solved this problem by stuffing our many and generous closets with boxes I won't be dealing with anytime soon.  

It's a start.

Can I just say-I love living in new places but I hatehatehatehate moving.  This is our first time as a couple living in a second floor apartment and by a stroke of fortune/misfortune, I only ended up hauling about four boxes up the stairs.  Wes injured his knee when he brought our box spring up so we ended up calling in movers to unload the truck.  

Movers are awesome.

It took two guys less than an hour to empty our twenty foot truck.  I held the bottom door for them and as box after box after box headed up the stairs I thought to myself-what the fuck is all of this stuff?  Why do we have all of this stuff?  I don't even remember some of these boxes.

We are talking twenty or so boxes of books, ten boxes of dishes, glassware, small kitchen appliances, and cookware, five or so boxes of coats, clothing, and linen, and over ten boxes of files, tech paraphernalia, and paper.  Our stash of power tools and beauty supplies ain't nothing to sneeze at either.  The really sad part is that our storage unit isn't even empty.  There are still quite a few items large furniture items in there that will eventually be donated to the Salvation Army.  The even sadder really sad part is that we donated several boxes of goods to Goodwill before we even left the old place.

Stuff-we are drowning in it.

Wes and I agreed that at least half of this crap needs to go elsewhere.  Ideally, we will sort, donate, and toss as we unpack.  If there isn't a place for something-it will have to go.  Hopefully by the time we move again we won't have 8,000 boxes.  We missed our things desperately and grieved the pieces we had to leave behind.  Despite that, we don't want to sacrifice living space, or living ease, or freedom for things that we don't really need, things that don't really work, or things we do not absolutely love.

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