Friday, August 9, 2013

Cup Hooks

Sometimes little things bring me joy.

We installed cup hooks over the kitchen sink.  

Pinterest is full of cute ideas for small kitchens, especially if that small kitchen happens to be in the midst of a generally awesome apartment with either period character or modern styling.  Late sixties/early seventies recovering project apartment housing with bare bones functionality and a self-conscious lack of any luxury whatsoever doesn't really make the "period character" category and tends to defy modern styling.  

I like this look though.  Cup hooks, colorful coffee mugs, and these strictly basic, no-frills cabinets are working for me.  It reminds me of home.  The coffee mugs on the left belonged to my maternal grandmother.  My paternal grandmother has cup hooks in her kitchen in Arkansas, hanging from cabinets my grandfather built himself.  In fact, I found the metal "Blasting Area" sign in my grandfather's work materials after he died.  This sign has come with me everywhere I have ever lived since striking out on my own. 

Of course, functional can be stylish.  I find this particular storage solution to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If I change my mind or otherwise give up on this kitchen, I can always crank the hippy up to incense levels and hang a bead curtain across the doorway.

Sidebar:  Here's a thought, kitchens are supposed to be the heart of the home but actual hearts are kind of gross.  Why wouldn't you keep them behind closed doors?

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