Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Not Dumpster Diving Unless It Was IN the Dumpster

So speaketh Wes.

Look what we found hanging out very near but nope, not inside the dumpster.  Wes needed a table for his side of the bed and we had just looked at a campaign-style table at Target that was $79.99.  When Wes stopped sputtering with outrage we came home and found these.  

I swear his eyes lit up.

And you can't beat free with a stick.  These are solid wood and a little wobbly.  Wes can fix that.  He also pointed out that they match our furniture.  I could have pointed out, but didn't, that they match because the rest of our furniture was found in similar dumpster adjacent locations or at Salvation Army. . . which is essentially the same thing.

They cleaned up pretty nice and free goes a long way to making them aesthetically pleasing in my eyes. 

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