Friday, August 30, 2013

Why Aren't You

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Reading, Listening, Watching

There are a ton of chicken butt memes and quite a few admonitions of slut shaming and body snarking . . .  but, can we talk about breathtaking racism for a minute?  BattyMamzelle lays it out quite flat on Jezebel and on her blog.  The links are everything too.  

I also have to thank BattyMamzelle for introducing me to the splendors of my new most favoritest thing ever. . . The Read podcast.  Kid Fury and Chrissle almost killed me, literally, yesterday because I was listening to their podcast while brushing my teeth and nearly strangled my damn self from laughing so hard. 

I've been working on my advocacy game and speaking truth to power for a minute now.  I did not attend the 50th anniversary March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom but I did watch this episode of the Boondocks on repeat.   Is that horrible?  Of course-you can never watch just one episode of the Boondocks and so I have been marathoning seasons 1-3 on repeat all week.  Season one is also available for instant streaming on Netflix.

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