Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wherein Alton Brown Makes a Fool of Me

This. . .

Made me think I could do this. . .

But it didn't mention this!

We had already cleaned up most of the mess by the time I thought to take pictures, but yes. . .  those are scorch marks.

Have you ever seen flames shooting out of an eye of an electric stove? Yeah, neither have I.  It unnerved me completely which is why I tried to put out the fire with a pinch of salt.  Wes had to save the day with considerably more Kosher salt even as he bitched about how we should have used the cheap iodized salt.  Like I'm going to climb up on a step stool and dig through a cabinet while there are FLAMES SHOOTING OUT OF THE STOVE!

Of course, throughout the whole ordeal I'm all "FIRE!" and he's all, "Get the meat in the oven woman!"  You see where the priorities are right?

And do you know the damn smoke alarm that goes off when I turn on the oven, take too steamy a shower, use too many spices, or look at it cross-eyed didn't go off once?!  Outrageous!

By the way, the steak was completely awesome.  We like ours as close to rare as possible but you can of course adjust cooking times to your satisfaction.

Also . . . Kosher salt is the business.  It will change your life.

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