Friday, February 4, 2011

Line Drawn

The guest list is quickly becoming the bane of our existence.  
Our various parental units are dragging their feet on contributing addresses and whatnot.  (Mama's all, "Look little girl, I only have one good one!"*  Har har.  She's all jokes all the time.)  I would like to have it set and solid as we would like to get an email Save the Date out to family and friends as soon as possible.  We also need to get invitations printed and assembled.
We aren't getting married until September but since most of our families live out of state it is a destination wedding for them.  We want them to have plenty of planning time if they would like to be here.  (And yep, we do actually want them to come)  Also-it's hard to move on with the rest of the planning when we aren't sure how much of anything we will need.  We are expecting, through our very scientific and mathematical reckoning a fifty percent or lower attendance rate.  We factored in things like geographical distance, perceived levels of familial responsibility, willingness to sacrifice vacation time, and burning desire to see rural Georgia up close and personal.  Basically, we are inviting 100 because we can't not invite everyone, expecting 50, and would be thrilled down to the ground with 25.

We went to a bridal expo and my hopes of foisting off some of the work to you know, actual vendors, were pretty much dashed.  It's pretty much going to be a DIT production down the line, especially if we are going to be able to afford any sort of catering.  Numbers will really determine whether peeps get a meal or a snack.  Because catering, my dears, is where I'm drawing the line.

We won't be cooking on our wedding day. We can bake, or "bake," or "make" the cake since that can be done beforehand and tasty-but-not-fancy shouldn't cost hundreds.  We might even make some cold sides because again, that can be done before.  As for cooking anything on the day of? I just don't wanna.

Which brings us back to numbers and timing.  If we are going to be making decorations, programs, cakes and planning activities and whatnot, we need to know how much and how many.   Or even if we have to make them.  If only ten people plan to attend we can get downright lavish. . . . lobsters for everyone!  Now don't get me wrong.  If having everyone I love there meant having to weave my own cloth and grow our own food and hunt our own game than that's what we would gladly do because that is the dream. 

If not though . . . I will outsource that #$@& in a minute!

*My mother had a major stroke a couple of years ago and is still regaining use of her left leg.  Upon occasion she finds this enormously humorous and incredibly useful.  She's awesome like that.

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