Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting it Up

Wedding planning is like sex when you're too sleepy, or too full, or only kind of into it, or headachy, or thinking about something else.
It can be done. . . . but probably not well.
That is just where Wes and I have been with this here shindig.

We have a vision.  (Vision is both more and less twee than "theme" so it's perfect).  We want to have a casual, fun, kind of lazy, happy picnic in the park wedding.  I like to call it our "Farewell Summer" party with an overlying theme of "Shit We Like".  (That last sentence is like I was momentarily possessed by Martha Stewart and I'm talking about my annual Hampton's party where everyone wears white and drinks wine and is bourgeois and then . . . the real me re-establishes dominance at the very end.)

We know when it's going down.  We're doing the damn thing on September 1st which is kind of like the prelude to actual fall.

We know how much we want to spend.  As close to $1000.00 as possible.  Why no . . . . no we don't smoke crack.

The question is. . . can it be done?  And can it be done well?

Until recently the answer was. . .  maybe.

Even though the stage is pretty much set, the course plotted, we have been dragging our feet on actual execution, aka, parting with cold hard cash.

Sure we dipped our toes in on smaller details.  Ordering fabric swatches and designing our invitations--not that we have actually made them yet.

The next step will be getting some quotes to see how much, if any, of the work can be outsourced.  I have been slacking on that, mostly because I'm a little worried about reactions to the whole, "So, how much do you have to spend?" question.  I'm anticipating shock. . .  or incredulous laughter. . . or maybe they might actually faint.

That could be kind of cool.

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