Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flowers Anytime?

What's a girl to do when she dreams of this?

But she doesn't have much of this?

If you're me you relate this unfortunate incident to all such unfortunate incidents in your genteely impoverished childhood that seems Dickensian in retrospect and boo-hoo a little bit.
Then you get down to business.  Plotting business.

Say hello to my current obsessions .  . .


Green Hydrangea

Pink Anemones

Cafe au Lait Dahlias (drroooool)

Sigh.  Beautiful.  Dusky.  Vintagey.  Preeeeeeeeettttttttyyyyyy.  What must I do to make you mine?

I can't afford to purchase you in bloom but maybe . . . I could grow you.  And keep you with me forever and ever and ever.  Now we're talking . . . but how. 

We currently live in a jail cell/cave that has the very odd combination of huge windows and very little natural light.  Or artificial light for that matter.

Wes suggested that we create a set up like this . . .

utilizing compact fluorescent bulbs.

I like this idea for a two reasons.  One, I could grow the flowers I want for the wedding sure. And two, I could grow the flowers I want like all the time.  Not to mention tomatoes.  Don't get me started on the impossibility of finding decent tomatoes at certain times of the year.

This article totally makes me thing it's possible and I have to say I am really hyped about the possibility of having tulips whenever I want them.

It must be said though.  YouTube and eHow regularly save my bacon and/or make a fool out of me.  We shall see.

*Just for kicks. . . google "growing flowers indoors" and count the number of marijuana references.  FUN!

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