Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About The DRESS

I have a theory about big white dresses that is intimately related to my theories about white eyeshadow and white stockings.

Everything ain't for everybody.

To me, big white dress=parade float.  Or barge.  More to the point, big white dress + big ole boobs + linebacker shoulders = floating nightmare.

Since I happen to possess said boobs and shoulders my presentation from the front is already what we might call formidable.  So, how to dress it for the big day?

No ballgowns.  No pickups.  Nothing marshmallow-y.  Not me.

No beading. No sequins.  Not me.  Also, sequins on a bodice? Will slice the hell out of your upper arms.

We are getting married in a state park, outside, weather permitting so I like casual.  I like short.  I'm short (Wes-AVERAGE height for a woman) so short dress suits me.

Not tea length-on me that is a little too short of ankle length to look deliberate.

Not white.  I'm cute with a baby face and all but I'd feel ridiculous trying to pull of virginal and white just says virginal to me.

So what do I like?

I like strapless but I'd have to see how the girls look.  I like pockets.  I like the idea of blush with a white overlay.  I like the idea of colored crinolines.  I think I kind of want to look like a cupcake.

I have an idea . . . but no real idea.  I have an appointment to try on dresses at David's Bridal (gasp!)this week.  I plan to try on some different styles and see what I feel most comfortable in and what looks the best on me.

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