Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great White!: Wedding Dress Shopping

I went to a bridal expo and was immediately ambushed by David's Bridal representatives.  Hence. . .  the appointment to try on dresses.

In the interest of full disclosure, I really was not looking forward to this experience.  I've watched enough Say Yes to the Dress and read enough wedding blogs to know that wedding dress shopping while plus-sized is something of a mine field because of sample sizes that don't fit, undergarments that won't work, etc.

I was not, however, prepared for the sheer intimidation of walking into a store, being interrogated by a creepy Barbie doll, and penned into a mirror-less dressing room to be brought merchandise, then ushered into a MIRRORED HALLWAY to view these ill-fitting masterpieces from all angles in the company of God knows who else.

Traumatized.  Party of one.  Thank God Wes came with me because I totally had a mini panic attack.  I hate to cut and run in front of witnesses so I pressed on.

Enough talk . . . show me the dress porn.

The creepy Barbie lady gave us a catalog and we marked dresses that we liked.  I had already cruised the website for the possibilities and I was feeling somewhat optimistic at that point because David's does offer a large selection of plus sized wedding gowns.  Or so I thought.  We marked ten or fifteen dresses because I had no idea what silouhette might look good on me or what I might like.

Of all the dresses we marked, they had TWO that we liked.  Uh huh.  I know.

Dress the first: Style 9T9948
This is a tea length strapless lace number with a little lace shrug.  They had it in ivory and a size twenty.  Um.  No.  I know that not every dress would be in my size but as a carrier of triple Ds, a size twenty wouldn't even cover enough of my chest to decently come out of the dressing room.  It's a gorgeous dress but it was also a little more ornate then I thought it would be from the picture.  In addition to the lace, it also has beading and I'm still ixnay on the beading, sequins, crystal train.  Also . . . tea length on me = down to my ankles, lol.  The dress was so long on me that our consultant (very nice and sweet by the way) was struck momentarily speechless.

Dress the Second: Style 9T8778
This is Wes' pick.  Clean lines, simple, option of a colored sash.  This one they had in a size that actually fit.  I was pleasantly surprised by how secure I felt in it and that strapless did not make me look like a linebacker.  It did fit well enough though that the only alteration I would need would be hemming.  We also liked the option to add color with the sash option and our consultant was nice enough to bring us one in the green shade we liked to see how it looked.

What was less pleasant is how heavy this dress felt.  Really, it was like the dress was standing on the floor and I just happened to be inside it.  Also, it was a little too white and a little too imposing for the wedding that we're planning.

Those are the two they had of the ones we picked.  Our consultant was a trooper though and she brought us more styles to try.  Most of them were similar to the second one in that they were very full skirted A-line dresses.  One had a corset back and one had off the shoulder straps but beyond those details they looked the same to me.  She did also bring out this little number when I reiterated casual and short . . .

Dress the Third: Style N9781
It has to be said . . . I looked kind of hot in this dress.  This dress gave me hips and a little boom in the back too.  Also, my legs looked great in it and the length was pretty perfect.  In a color it would definately be the most ultimate party wear.

But . . . it's not my wedding dress.  Back to the drawing board.

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