Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taking it From the Top: The Wedding Vision

So, what does a "Farewell Summer Picnic in the Park Wedding With S$&% We Like" look like?

Well, in our heads something like this.

Images via Google

So . . . rustic, books, goats, outdoors, mill bridge waterfall, woodsy, modern paper sculpture thingy, suspenders, and flowers both neutral and colorful.

Check out this color palette . . .
Swatches courtesy of 100 Layer Cake and Picasa chicanery

You could go anywhere with that.  We like earthy neutrals with pops of bright colors.

We love the park and the idea of a picnic.

We like the idea of book centerpieces being composed of books we love and actually read.

We like goats.  Wes' parents keep goats and we would like to farm them ourselves in the future.  So far they have made it onto the invitations but I'm not sure where else they will make an appearance.  We kind of like the idea of just having them randomly included.  Like, people who come to our wedding will go home wondering what was up with the goats.

Really, I think our wedding theme is essentially us in that it is an amalgamation of all the things that we value and love.

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