Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Want to Get Married Where Now?

This is beautiful.

Watson Mill Bridge State Park-all pictures by Me

This . . . not so much.

Group Shelter, Watson Mill Bridge State Park

That's what we will be working with come wedding day.

The mill pond, the falls, and the river shoals are gorgeous.  The group shelter where the reception will take place is . . . pleasantly nostalgically campy.  It brings back fond memories of Girl Scout camp and bug juice.

We aren't really going for campy but . . . campy means s'mores of which I am inordinately fond thus making it fit into our subtheme of "S$&% We  Like" . . . . so probably we will just roll with it.  The pluses: It is a somewhat secluded building that has air conditioning, a full kitchen, a private bathroom, there are tables and chairs included, and there is a covered fire pit in the back. 

We picked the state park itself for two reasons.  One, it's one of our favorite places to go.  You can wade in the shoals, it's peaceful and beautiful, and listening to the falls is incredibly relaxing.  Two, it is, drumroll please, AFFORDABLE!  Any bride who is getting married in the Athens area could probably give you chapter and verse about what venues cost.  On our budget it just wasn't happening.  The cost of reserving the venue for the day plus paying for parking for our potential guests would still come out to about one fourth of what just time in another venue in the city would cost.

By the time the big day rolls around there will be plenty of green and if we do the ceremony bit by the water we won't need much in the way of ceremony decorations.  The interior is going to require a little bit of TLC.

The Kitchen Area and Restroom

There are concrete floors, those really super attractive huge grey trash cans, the kitchen is open to the rest of the space . . . and yeah.  The interior will need some work to make it look like anything other than what it is.

Can it be done? Well, we'll see.

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