Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dressperation? The DRESS Unplugged? Eff It. . . This Post is About my Plans for the Procurement of a Wedding Dress

It ain't cute but it gets the job done.

So . . . wedding dresses.  They can cost the Earth, even at a classy establishment like David's Bridal.  I don't particularly relish the idea of repeating my dress shopping experience and I have a sneaking suspicion that what I want exists in my size only in my head.  What's a girl to do?

Well . . . if she's somewhat handy with a sewing machine she could consider doing it herself.  Which is what I'm going to do.

So what does this dream of mine look like?  Feast your eyes on this little number.

1, 2, 3, 4
My wedding dress inspiration.

Number one is a short pale yellow silk with an attractively poofy skirt that illustrates the length I want.  Number two is the one that I have dirty, dirty dreams about.  Pockets, a sweetheart neckline and some cumberbundy action around the waist that I find oddly attractive.  Three is a sleeve option I like if I punk out and want to cover it up some.  Four is a color story I'm particularly in love with.  Also, I have a deep appreciation for the use of what looks like eyelet.

To summarize, I want short, poofy, clean lines and very, very pale pink.  My plan is to Frankenstein a couple of patterns together and play with them until I get the look I want.

What do you think?

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