Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Things . . .

Springtime is making its presence known around here and I find myself celebrating as I usually do.  Becoming incredibly dissatisfied with everything.  Some people have the urge to spring clean.  I have the urge to spring purge.

Lately I've been giving myself the hairy eyeball to all the stuff we have accumulated over the winter.  Daydreams of just waking up and it all being gone.

That's minor though.  I can do major damage when spring fever hits.  Last week I nearly gave in to the urge to dye my hair  some outrageous color.  I spent a chunk of change on moisturizer and face scrub and etc., etc.  I am searching the internet for cosmetic remedies for all of my minor imperfections.  I am contemplating waxing . . . of areas.  Yeah, crazypants.

Springtime is all shiny and new.  I guess I just want to be buffed, polished, and shined too.

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