Friday, April 22, 2011

In Case of Rain

It's a rainy, grey day today and it makes me remember how enjoyable rainy days can be.  I know it's probably the secret dread of anyone planning an outdoor wedding, but I think a little rain is actually kind of romantic.  The fact that it might cool the temperature down enough to facilitate cuddling helps too.  I have been working on a rain plan just in case.  While I wouldn't necessarily mind a downpour, I would like my family and friends to be comfortable. 

Enter . . .  the picnic pavilion.

You know, that park structure that looks a little like nyah*  There is one that overlooks the falls and we are considering reserving it as well.  Just in case.


That would get us out of the rain, but it could use a little dressing up.  We are having a little wedding along with our picnic after all.  I especially wanted structures or details that could be installed without nails or tape.  I generally like to abide by the rules in places.

These curtains could be hung around the sides or the entrance with rope.  They are also fairly simple and quick to make or rig.

Paper or fabric banners could be hung the same way.

Picnic blankets could be re-purposed as tablecloths.  Add some flowers and some candlelight and you get serious ambiance.

See the moody colors in this picture offset by the sunshiny flowers.  This really reminds me of a rainy day.  I think it could be beautiful.

*Random South Park reference. . .

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