Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend In Review

I had the weekend off so we used that time productively.

Wes tried to study for a class and I repeatedly interrupted him.

We stopped by the UGA Hort Club plant sale.  Didn't buy anything although if we had all the cash in the world, I'd be slinging it left and right.

We went to J&J Flea Market.  Words can not do it justice and I didn't bring my camera.  Let's just say you could buy a live chicken, a Prada bag, some groceries, and XXX films, 2 for 5.00.  Redefining the one stop shop? I don't know.  They're open every weekend in the Athens, GA area, check it out.

(We bought a John Deere tractor lamp for five bucks.)

We went to Goodwill because we needed saucers and Goodwill is where we shop for household goods, lol.  We also scored a Brown Dog 3.0 for the Little Bit (stuffed dog), and a vase.  Random assortment of goods-four dollars.

We stopped by Sonic for Happy Hour while we were out that way.  Half price half gallons of sweet tea?  Sign me up.

We went to Sams because Wes needed Turbo Tax.  We wandered around the meat and produce section because that's why people really go to Sams on Sunday.

We went to the library.

We worked in our garden and I implemented garden experiment number two.  Also, we witnessed a small child, uh, watering . . . a plant.

I tried my hand at brewing ginger ale.

I cut out the muslin for my wedding dress.

How was your weekend?

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