Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dragging Ass on the Wedding Invitations

These invitations . . .

Envelopes to the left-along with my recent reading material

. . . might be the death of me.  We just are not super motivated to finish them although we do-finally-have all of the components ready to go.

Of course, the prep stage was pretty damn murderous as it involved making an envelope template, prepping and cutting out fifty envelopes from paper bags and realizing that they were too small to close properly.  Scrapping that plan and making envelopes out of scrapbook paper.  I couldn't find the cardstock weight I wanted to use for the RSVP postcards plus I figured we could save money on postage so we scrapped the whole postcard idea but now . . .  I kind of don't like how they look so maybe I will go back to it . . . you get the idea.  Figuring out how to print addresses on these envelopes is also turning out to be a monumental pain in the ass.  And . . . I might change my mind about that as well.

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