Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bra Smackdown

How about some pictures of my boobs?

Well alright then.

First off, you should know something about me.  I am very judgey about bustlines.  I know.  I know.  What business is it of mine if a woman wants to walk around with her tits hanging to her knees?  What can I say?  I just hate the look.  And I hate women who are in denial about their proper bra size.  You are not doing the world any favors by lying to yourself and trying to rock a halter top.

That said . . . I have a  weakness for all things strappy, strapless, and kinda bare on top but I never thought I could comfortably enjoy such fashions.  Sure I have a decent strapless bra.  It contains the girls, but there is a lot of jiggle going on and while it doesn't slip I always feel like it is or it will . . . in short, it works, but I still feel self-conscious, especially in tops or dresses that have no built in support of their own.

So I bit the bullet and bought a longline strapless, to see if there was any difference in support.  I am pleased to announce that there definitely is!  Now this is not the strapless to go to if cleavage is your goal.  The convertible Lane Bryant number is your best bet there.  This is, however, the bra to go to if you want your breasts locked and loaded in true retro style.  These puppies won't budge, there's no strain on my shoulders, and while the longline boned bodice style fits pretty snugly, I find it gives me the confidence and security that my regular strapless doesn't.

Observe. . .

This is me in my regular strapless bra . . .

Lane Bryant Convertible Strapless

And me in the longline . . . 

Goddess Longline Strapless Bra

The first picture looks okay.  The bustline is still about midway between the elbow and the shoulder which I think looks best.  I wear this bra around the house a lot or under more substantial shirts since the cup is not exactly making a smooth line across the top of my breasts.

The second picture definitely shows more uplift and what I like about it is that the cup is a full coverage one which really aids that unsecured feeling I'm so self-conscious about in the first bra.  There's not any jiggle going on across the tops when I'm wearing this one.  And it also makes my belly a little flatter across the middle which is an unexpected but welcome bonus.  It's not exactly smooth which is not so nice for thinner tops but I did wear this one to work one night and I was pleasantly surprised.  It held up and it wasn't hot or sweaty or miserable to wear.

Overall I think I have two decent bra options and I have to admit, I vastly prefer either one over the traditional bra in terms of comfort. 

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