Monday, May 30, 2011

An Example of What Not to Do

We will be getting married in three months—and we still haven’t mailed out the invitations . . . for our semi-destination wedding.


Because in the interest of making this whole wedding thing as difficult as possible, we decided that we needed a bigger apartment.  I mean, is there a better time to move than the sweaty heat of early June?  (Oh there is?)

I am conflicted about how I feel about this.  On the one hand, we NEED a bigger place.
·   Our current kitchen is tiny and not really made for cooking. 
·   When Little Bit the Kid* spends the weekend he sleeps on the futon in our room—which we squeezed in through sheer determination and cheapness.  (Who needs a big kid bed when he’s been sleeping on this one since infancy, he’s already peed on it.  Folks with kids know the drill.)  He’s five now and kind of a gross roommate.  (Don’t send me hate mail.  Yes he’s cute and adorable and all that jazz, but he also snores like a freight train and farts like a grown man.  He totally reminds me of the time I rented a room in a house in Maryland for a month-had this one weirdo housemate who always smelled damp.)  He really needs his own room-a room where Lincoln Logs can run rampant and I’m not stepping on blocks every five minutes.
·   We have one closet that can’t actually be used for clothing as it’s currently being used for storage and our laundry situation is slowly taking over our bedroom.
·   We need somewhere to eat together that doesn’t involve our “nice” futon and TV trays.

These might be first world problems but they are totally stressing us out.  We stuck it out for a year in our tiny house-it’s time to upgrade.

On the other hand-I can not think of a worse time to schedule this little relocation.  (And I do mean little-we are literally moving to a building across the street.)  I am in the middle of a summer school session and I spend roughly three hours in class and four hours at work everyday.  Who has time to breathe-much less pack?  And the invitations?  Well-I just don’t want to send them and our RSVP postcards out with our old address on them.  Y’all don’t know our families—but it just isn’t worth the headache. 

Set up an online RSVP on your wedding website you say?  Well, yes-and I did.  Then I thought about who I was actually dealing with.

Ours is a small wedding made up of mostly family-quite a few considerably older than us and those of them that aren’t choose to live in areas that have not yet been blessed with any internet connection faster than dial up.

Nightmarish.  I know.  I used to live there too.

Do I really want to torture my aunt by forcing her to wait thirty minutes for a page that may never load?  Do I really want to explain to my tiny little grandmother what this here email address thingy is? 

We may as well just cough up the change for the postcard stamps.  Invitations are pretty much a formality at this point anyway—as everyone knows about the wedding and several folks have already invited themselves (um, awesome!).  I decided to just hold off and drop them in the mail with our new address on them a couple of days before we move. 

Then I plan to harass them all for responses before August.  Great plan!

Has anyone else done anything crazy like this? 

Oh-and an envelope teaser . . . I really love what we ended up doing.

* The Little Bit has requested that I stop calling him Little Bit.  Since he’s five and all now.

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