Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving On Up

Wedding projects will be on the back burner this week-since we will be moving.  However, daily posting will continue as I showcase some of my plans for our new space.

As Wes and I pack and prepare to mooooove on up . . . I find myself reflecting on the trials and tribulations living in our tiny house this last year.

We have made it through our first year of living together without killing each other.  We started our engaged life here.  We have had our first family meals with the Kid here.  We had our first house guests here.

 And I will not miss it.  Not one single bit.  I will dance a damn jig when the last box is loaded on the truck.

This apartment has defied me at every turn.  I originally resolved to make the best of our cinder block cell.  I wanted to make it bright and homey and stylish.  I just couldn’t do it-I couldn’t even hang our “art” on the walls.  These walls laughed at adhesive strips, they scorned hammer and nails.

The lack of space forced me to perform serious surgery on our belongings—reducing our things nearly in half—and we still are barely squeezing in.  The visual clutter of not having adequate storage has made me anxious and at times very unhappy.

Our kitchen is too small to contain our pots and pans and has forced us to use the “dining area” as extra kitchen space/office.  That means we have a microwave, coffeepot, mixer, shredder, and printer lined up side by side right behind the stove and the sink.  This, by the way, equals grime.

The place is small which should make it easier to clean.  In our case, it’s just not true.  The lack of storage means a messy look even when it is clean.

It has been a constant frustration. 

This move is going to be a hassle—but, I kid you not, when we walk into our new apartment I will light candles and perform a ceremony of Thanksgiving for our brand new dishwasher.

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