Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair Trials and Tribulations

I have no idea if it is too early to be talking about this.  I have no idea where in the wedding planning time line hair trials and all that jazz falls.  I can't handle time line pressure-which is why I religiously avoid the knot.

Anyway, I have been concerned about my hair and what to do with it pretty much from the proposal.  I'm still learning the basics of caring for my natural hair and as you an see, it's preferred shape is rather Russian hat-like . . . . as you might have noticed in my last post.

Observe . . .  Me. . .

 . . .  and lady in a Russian hat.
 Okay, so I might have some hair issues.

I wrote about my "natural hair journey" here but I find that I'm struggling with my hair more as I try to decide what to do for our wedding day.  In the past, when my hair was straight, I would curl it for special occasions.  Now that my hair is kinky-curly . . . I just don't know.

Should I straighten it?  Flat ironed it would look a little something like this-

I have a lot of hair but I don't really want to straighten it for the wedding just to put it back up in a bun or whatever.  I can't leave it loose-because it grooooows.  I wore this hairstyle to work and by the time my shift was over it was pretty much standing straight up in the back.  Plus it's going to be hot and hair on my neck was so sweaty and annoying.

This is how it usually looks-my go to day to day style is a twist out set.

It lasts about a week and it works pretty well.  I do, however, have to beware the Frederick Douglass.

"What's that?" you ask.

FD in full effect
 This.  I'm not kidding when I say my hair grooooows, lol.  Strategic bobby pin placement will save the world one day y'all.  I'm sure it already has on some episode of McGyver.

Anyway-this is basically the style Wes and I are leaning towards.  We like it-it suits my face and it's good for my hair.  It's reliable and easy to do myself.  How to make it wedding-y though?

I could add some narrow ribbon and a flower.  This could be really cute with the added benefit of keeping my hair off of my neck and off of my face.


 I really like the structure of this one and I wonder how it would look on me.  Since I will be doing my hair myself* I will get started attempting different styling techniques every week until I come up with something I like.

Our mission-cute wedding hair style.  Our obstacles: the Russian fur and the Frederick Douglass.  Can we do it?  I think we can.

Join me!

*I could go to a salon but since cutting off my relaxed ends I have really been focusing on maintaining and caring for my hair myself.  Also, the salons I can afford don't have a lot of experience with natural hair and I'd rather not take the chance of permanent damage for a one day look.

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