Monday, June 6, 2011

Consulting the Book

This is our wedding on Excel.

 I created an excel document to keep track of wedding related minutiae.  I did this with list wizard because I generally don’t eff with Excel.  I can make some banging lists though.

Anyway-ours consists of three workbook pages.  They were originally separate documents but I consolidated because I am lazy and jeez . . . all that clicking.

The first page is our wedding budget.  There are tons of free downloadable templates for this online.  I picked one and customized it to make it blend with the theme of the book.  (I was having a purple moment.)

The second page is where I keep a list of itemized expenditures from the wedding account.

Items in red are outstanding reimbursements to the account for tangentially related wedding items.  We’ll keep them in our tally but they are not specifically for the wedding.

The third page is our guest list.  I won’t show you particulars because photoshop is another program I don’t have carnal relations with.  But check this out . . .

Click on that to get the full effect. 

WTF with the guest list!?

Crazy right?   

Wes and I fully intend to have a small wedding so we limited the family invitations to aunts, uncles, and select cousins.  Apparently we both have families that are all about the procreating.  Despite the ridiculous numbers, we fully expect less than a quarter of our guests to actually attend.  All but three live out of state and many probably won’t be up for the trip. 

Our dilemma, and the reason our list is so expansive, is that we wouldn’t be comfortable not inviting everyone and our efforts to limit a guest list might be futile anyway.  For most of our relatives an open invitation is just assumed.  “Someone’s getting married?  Of course the whole fam is invited!” 

(Don’t let the bourgeois posturing fool you—we really are not fancy people.  Country come to town anyone?)

At the same time, we don’t want an invitation to our wedding to make anyone feel pressured or compelled to go to the expense or discomfort of traveling.  Of course we want them here-we love them.  But we don’t want to bankrupt them or cause undue stress.

It’s a weird position to be in.

Our stance so far has been to stall on the invitations—which we have really elevated to an art.   

Now that we are officially established in our new residence we can’t use that excuse anymore.  Alas!

That does mean, however, that I will be sharing my handmade beauties with you soon!

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