Friday, June 24, 2011

Elements of Style

As I progress in my academic program I find myself wondering more and more . . .

What does one wear to student teach?

I'm sure one reason I'm obsessed on this point is that I am very nervous about my first forays into the classroom.  Worrying about style is less threatening.  I am very concerned about the educational job market.  Worrying about how to dress authoritatively without looking middle aged is less foreboding.

And friends . . . my personal style definitely needs help.  In a misguided effort to dress like a grown up for my first corporate job I miscalculated and ended up dressing like a frump.  On the day to day, my style definitely skews old, tired, and entirely too black.

How to overhaul my wardrobe and get back on track?  Of course I have a three point plan.

Point one--take risks.  I have this weird mental block/conviction that a lot of the clothes and fashion elements that I want to wear wouldn't look good on my body.  Hello-I've got boobs and thighs.  I can't wear miniskirts or horizontal stripes or anything form fitting or etc., etc.  If you do a round on the fatshion blogs then you know that's just not true.  Jay Miranda at Fatshionable is wearing the hell out of this Monif C dress.

Point two--invest.  I stopped investing in fashion for a lot of reasons.  The quality of what I could afford meant I was wasting my money, nothing fit right, I didn't enjoy the process . . .  I need to move beyond that.  Clearly, a working and workable professional wardrobe is necessary-but I should also invest in clothes that are fun or that make me feel good. 

Point three--accessorize!  Nothing injects the personal into personal style like accessories.  Shoes, boots, jewelry . . . I used to love that kind of thing but I've since given it up.  I think it's key in my stagnated style.

Am I forgetting anything?

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