Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Dark Side of DIT-Part One

DIT can still basically mean DIY.

There-I said it.

I'm not saying that men don't care about weddings.  They do care and some of them have very decided ideas about how such a thing should proceed.

I am saying that when it comes down to details, decisions, and minutia--that's when a lot of guys check out.  In my case, Wes is perfectly happy to help with whatever project I happen to have going on.  He prefers that the necessary pieces, elements or components be in place first and that he has a guide for proceeding.  I can't just point at a pile of paper and sticky elements and say "have at it."  I have to have it organized and do the the prep work and make a model so he'll know how to proceed.

That's great.  That's also more work . . . and depending on what it is it might actually be quicker to just do it myself.

Quicker, easier, less fuss and less muss . . .  but it can still rankle.

It's a completely bitchy thing to say, but willingness to help is no substitute for ability.

How do you deal with it?

Think of all the really mean, biting things you could say, want to say, would dearly love to say . . . and keep it to yourself.

Be patient, do a tutorial, let the man help.  You'll be less enraged-I promise. 

*This also applies to household tasks, decorating projects, road trips, etc.  STFU-a problem solver for a lifetime.

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