Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Planning a Wardrobe

I am obsessed with sewing blogs.  I have a handful that I visit daily, and that handful has links to even more, and so on and so forth. 

While cruising my regular rounds, I came across this post on Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.  I love her blog and I highly recommend it.  This particular post was about planning a wardrobe of separates for the fall.  Specific details in choosing and sewing six pieces that work together are here.

I am intrigued.  I am also in need of a wardrobe since I will be doing my observation block for my teaching program this fall.  I also have plenty of patterns to work with.

Here are the guidelines as laid out by Stitcher's Guild member ejvc:

"The point of these sew-alongs is to create the bones of a mix-and-match handmade wardrobe.  The pace is relatively slow (two items a month) to allow you also to add the fun items that aren't the bones.  The ideal pieces for this collection are BORING pieces that you wear EVERY DAY.  These pieces in your wardrobe need to be beautifully fit, beautifully finished, and made with wonderful fabric.  In order to work as separates they should be in a very limited colour palette -- I suggest for autumn this is one or two dark neutrals, one light neutral, and one colour.  Good neutrals to pick are neutrals echoed in your hair colour; good colours are in your skin and eyes; but probably you have your own favourite colours.

The pieces are maximised for layering:

ONE jacket -- neutral
ONE bottom (skirt or trousers, though for autumn, I like trousers) -- dark neutral if you're pear-shaped, lighter if you carry weight on top
TWO underlayer tops, one ideally in a print combining your colours, one in a contrast neutral
TWO overlayer tops, one coloured, one neutral
and possibly
ONE more bottom -- skirt if you've done trousers, trousers if you've done a skirt, or a dress if you like them"

I've never consciously shopped for a wardrobe before so I think this will be an instructive exercise all around.

As far as a color palette for my basics, I was thinking black-of course, dark grey, pale grey/silver, and shades of blue and purple.

What do you think? 

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