Monday, August 15, 2011

So . . .

I watched Talladega Nights.  Still hilarious--the addition of that cougar or mountain lion or whatever was just brilliant.  I don't care what anyone says.

Yeah-I realize that I have not written a word since the third.  However. . . that's clearly already changed.

I'd like to say that I've been busy and present you with a completed list of projects, etc.  I'd like to do that, but I can't do that.  All I have to show for my silence is a new found treasure trove of knowledge about Seasons one and two of the latest version of Dr. Who and a pseudo scholarly analysis of the excellent character Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood.  Do you guys watch this stuff?


Say what you want about the British-redcoats and all that-but they are responsible for Eddie Izzard and some pretty damn good television so they're alright with me.

What does this have to do with wedding?  Well nothing.  That's a good thing though because I finally feel like myself again.

As always-more to come.

P.S.  It is the first day of the fall semester! Insane!

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