Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pattern Haul

I think I've developed a problem.  I can't pass up a.99 cent pattern sale.

You know, when I first started sewing I used to pay full price for these things.  Maybe I just feel like I've been had and I'm trying to get a little of my own back?

I have been had!

First up, the infinite wrap dress.  This is supposed to be an easy pattern but I already have doubts about my ability to do all this wrapping and whatnot.  Yet, I am intrigued.  It's like this twobirds dress right? Except not as fancy and attitudinal.

Now let's talk about cloches.  I have no idea if these are going to be a Thing or not this winter.  I also suspect that it won't fit over my rather tremendous hair.

HOWEVER . . .  this particular episode of Ugly Betty. . .


. . . totally made me want one.

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