Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Year to Come

I have a lot on deck this year.  I am at the point in my education program where I need to get my CV together and get real about starting my career.  I need to buy a suit . . . like a suit a grown up would wear.

I want to finish my degree program by the end of the summer.  I want to write more, personally and professionally.  I want to keep working on building traditions for my new little family.

Ultimately, I want to grow and keep growing.

So this year, a lot of my posts will be about those things.  It's a transitional year so that's exciting, plus it's a leap year and y'all know all kinds of crazy shit goes down in leap years.  I'm sure I'll have PLENTY to write about.

Aren't you excited?  No more kvetching about the wedding!

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