Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Treasury (Maybe) Bleeds Money

I used to love this game . . .

My aunt had it on her computer and I may have spent entire evenings playing it when I should have been doing homework.


Our finances, judging by our stacks of unopened mail, are in disarray.  A friend brought up student loans yesterday.  Wes brought up the necessity of me getting a job today (!)*  All of these things brought up even more questions.  Do I even know how much I owe the feds for my fancy ass education at this point?  How about how much Wes owes?  What about accounts-do we know where all of them are?  We have both moved so much in the past five years that it can be difficult to keep track.  Apparently we have assets now too.  Having been pretty much broke my entire life, this is a brand new state for me.  What the hell is going on?

I know what you're thinking.  Do we have a budget?  Hell no!  Budgets are for people in control of their lives and finances.  Budgets are for loooooosers who want to have things like financial security.  WE ARE GANGSTA.

On the real, having a budget would mean that we had actually had a real conversation about money.

So . . . . clearly we need to start having real conversations about money.

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