Sunday, July 15, 2012

Easy Bookcase Standing Desk

Most of our workhorse furniture is of the relatively cheap Target brand variety.  This is actually good because you get a lot less stressed trying out new things and it also tends to be pretty flexible.

This is my easy bookcase standing desk hack:

The clutter you see is real
As you can see, we have a media center configuration consisting of two cubical shelving units and two bookcases.  Creating this standing desk was a simple matter of re-homing some books in other rooms and adjusting shelving to the correct height.

Some notes:
  • Working at a standing desk does take some getting used to.  Your legs and your feet have to get used to it.  Ultimately, I like standing up and working a lot more.  
  • The television is less of a distraction because watching it would mean I have to stand at a really uncomfortable angle.  
  • I spend less time cruising the internet because-hey, who wants to put up with aching feet just to watch some dumb stuff on youtube? 
  • Another benefit is that standing makes you much more likely to move.  Even though I stand up to work, I am much less likely to sit down when I'm done working.  
  • Sometimes I prop a foot up on a step stool or stand on my yoga mat-these can help with discomfort as well.

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