Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm Not a Suit. . . I'm an Artist!

I'm trying to decide what to wear to my job interview and I am torn between what I will probably wear and what I want to wear.

Behold: an infographic . . . .


The consensus on appropriate job interview attire for a teaching position is that one must wear a suit of some kind.  This seems somewhat counterintuitive because suits are boring and while teaching, I always strive not to be boring. 


This is much classier and probably better quality than anything I own, but this would blend into the beige background of your average career fair.

Oh the conformity!
You get the idea, lol
I just don't like suits.  I don't feel like myself in a suit.  Correction, I feel like myself dressing up to play the role of someone else and I'm not that great an actor

Added to that, I don't think I have enough length in my neck or my torso to really pull the look off.  Though now that I think about it, this cat is looking rather dapper.

What would I rather wear?

How about a little color?  How about something that I might conceivably choose to wear that also looks professional and put together?


The white loafers in this ensemble are probably advanced style and I'm not ready for that.  But, that is a really nice bag and it is kind of reminiscent of chalkboard.  I think that is a charming juxtaposition for a teacher job interview.

I think these clothes would be memorable in a good way.

But . . . . that's just what I think.  And the consensus seems to sway in the other direction.  So black suit, bright shell, and conservative bun it will be.

Unless I get brave.

PS-Google searches are like Easter egg hunts.  A search for "teacher interview attire for women"led to this.  Chubby vampires, lol.

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