Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I don't have Pinterest insecurity.

If anything, I have Pinterest overconfidence. Why else would I decide that I could make my kitchen look like these in a single day as advertised on multiple home blogs?

Pinterest should come with several reality checks. The first would be that professional home bloggers do this shit because it is their job. I have a job that keeps me out of my own home upwards of 30-40 hours a week.

Second, some home bloggers hire a cleaning service or have help with childcare. They aren't actually doing it all themselves.

Third, a lot of these bloggers are living on a budget that is clearly two or three times what our budget is. Square footage alone can tell that tale.

Fourth, those that do are probably fundamentally different personality types with completely different style than yours truly.

Case in point

We have no need of a pantry because most of the food we eat is perishable so we don't really need to store food.
We have no space for a pantry because we live in a small apartment.
We have very little counter space and it certainly isn't granite.
We have no dishwasher.
We really don't have that many cabinets and we only have three drawers.
We also really do not have room for more than two people at a time in our kitchen.

In other words, our kitchen has issues that renters just can't fix.

Despite knowing all of this, it is that time of year where I Pinterest-stalk images of perfectly laid out and organized homes and think to myself-I can totally do that.


Needless to say, I'm a complete liar. Much like those lying misrepresenting heifers ladies on Pinterest with their empty countertops, daily vacuuming, all white living rooms, and "natural" cleaning products all while blogging full-time and homeschooling between five and eight offspring.

Sure you are.

Anyway, challenge accepted.

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