Monday, August 19, 2013

Simplicity 2497

I had some time off a couple of weeks ago and having time on my hands led to several ideas. . . . Some considerably better than others.

Idea 1: I should make something. (Inner Me: I totally should! I love making shit!)
Idea 2: I bet I could thread my own eyebrows. (Inner Me: I totally could! I'll learn how on youtube!  This is a great idea!)

I'll talk about Idea 1 today as I do, indeed, love to make shit.  I'm still trying to come to terms with Idea 2 as I do, indeed, occasionally lie to myself. 

I think I originally cut this pattern out two years ago.  Is letting it languish in my pattern books laziness-or something more sinister?  (I don't really think it's sinister. Probably just lazy.  Had the opportunity to use the word "sinister" in a sentence and didn't want to let it pass.)
 Whatever, it was kind of a nice surprise to find the fussiest part already done when I finally unpacked my pattern books.

I am working on view B because it has sleeves and does not have the neck ruffle.  A basic Google image search suggests that View C seems to be the most popular version by far.  

Google Image Search
It's cute and all, but I'm pretty sure it's not for me.  I don't think I have enough neck for a ruff and this particular neck ruffle makes me think of those dinosaurs with the neck thing. 
Google Image Search
I also don't think I have to poise to pull a neck ruffle off.  I have this idea wearing a dress with all that going on around the collar would be a lot like feeling like you walked into a cobweb without being able to find it . . .  like all the time.

I'm uncomfortable just thinking about it..

View B is more my style and might result in a dress I feel comfortable enough in to actually wear.  The fun part, is figuring out how to make this bad boy fit.

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