Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Realities-Floral Edition

I fantasize about this

But the budget ain't having it.

We are at that point in our wedding planning process when we look at what we have to work with and what is available for what prices. . .  and just kind of despair.  So much so that I broke one of my rules and ranted--for a full fifteen minutes to an unsuspecting co-worker about the ridiculous pricing of all things wedding related.

Yep. . . that says 100.00 dollars people!

She wasn't exactly enthralled but surely somebody out there feels where I'm coming from!

Are there less expensive options to real flowers? Yes of course.

Ribbon bouquets . .. Brooch bouquets. . .

Both awesome.  Then there's this one. . . made from fabric and completely gorgeous.

So why not go with something like this?

Because it's a lot of damn work, lol.  I say that lightly but seriously, I am well aware that there are very beautiful, very crafty ways around having real flowers.  When if comes down to it, I may have to adopt one of those ways to make a floral sort of thing happen at this here wedding.  

The dirty, dirty truth is that this is one of those times where I would just rather spend the money.  There is already an insane amount of DIT going into this shindig.  Is it sensible or sane to add more?

All that can be said today is thank God it's not going down until September!

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