Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Could Totally Do That!

Does the internet ever convince you that you can do all kinds of things that reasonable people outsourced eons ago?  Oh it doesn't?  It's just me?

Well okay then. 

Anyway, I was perusing Apartment Therapy the other day (Felt Food! Home Hacks! Hipster Shelter Style!) and I saw an article about making your own cheese. I saw that and thought, despite my miniscule kitchen and lack of damn near all the necessary tools, how awesome.  I could totally do that.

Now friends . . . this attitude has gotten me into trouble before but I never ever learn.  Matter of fact, I've created a bookmarks folder full of projects the internet convinced me I could do myself.  It's been mostly awesome so far.  For instance, I now manage my own haircare and save at least sixty bucks a month--thankyouverymuchyoutube.

But now . . . I'm getting ambitious.  Did you know that you could make your own ginger ale at home?  It's easy!  Just don't use a glass bottle because it can explode.  And don't let it ferment too long or you'll have made real get you pulled over and arrested alcohol . . .  and you get my drift.

This could get messy.  And dangerous.  And maybe illegal?  But definitely interesting.  I have a long, long list of s@#) to try. 

It'll be fun!

I haven't tried cheesemaking yet, but I already have the title of the post I'll be writing once I get around to it.  Fun With Raw Milk!

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