Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creating Atmosphere . . .

Wes and I are getting married here . . .

Personal photo . . . Exterior, Mill Bridge Falls

Watson Mill Bridge State Park in Comer, Georgia.

The pros are that it's beautiful yet inexpensive.  The cons are that it's about a thirty minute trip from Athens, and its a public park and people seem to think that strangers might wander through the ceremony . .  which, who would do that?  Also, the structures are what you would expect at your average Girl Scout camp.  That's awesome in it's own way . . . but wedding awesome?  We'll see. 

As you know, I took a break from wedding planning because I was just stressed about the whole issue.  I needed to creatively problem solve and it just wasn't happening.  Since then, I've recovered somewhat.

Wes and I would like to have our ceremony by the water, weather permitting.  There is a small picnic area with it's own parking lot on the high side of the falls with a nice strip of river bank.  The noise of the water won't drown us out (and if we sneak in a little music maybe it will mask it).  Having it by the water kind of negates the need for a lot of decoration, but I think it might be nice to wedding it up a little.  Create some romantic, fun atmosphere.

Some picnic blankets spread out for ceremony seating . . .

With some nice pillows and flowers . . .

With a few chairs for our less mobile relatives . . .  They're in the background of that last picture.

In addition to that, I think we might also need a little table if we decide to incorporate some type of unity ritual.*

If the sun is shining on our wedding day it will probably be doing less shining and more blazing . . . it's only April and we've already had some pretty hot days here . . . so I'm picturing another table with cold beverages and plenty of sun parasols.  

We don't have a rain plan . . . yet.  But it's coming and it will probably look a little something like this. . .
*This unity ritual will definitely not be the dreaded unity candle.  I proclaimed as much and Wes was like, "why is it dreaded?" to which I could only reply, "because I don't like it."  Hmm.  That looks bitchier in print.

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