Friday, May 13, 2011

My New Breast Friend?

 This . . .


 . . . is awesome.

You know how I like to blather about things changing my life or things that will change your life, well, this is for real.  Why have I wasted so much time and money on traditional bras that groove up my shoulders and don’t do much support-wise?  Why did I just get kind of annoyed whenever my granny suggested I invest in a longline aka girdle? 

Well, friends, I have granny boobs and I like it.

There I said it. 

I bought this for the wedding but I think I kind of love it.  This is a bra that I can do jumping jacks in . . . (if jumping jacks were a thing I would ever voluntarily do) something I wouldn't dare to do in a regular bra.  The support is so awesome that I'm test-driving it at work tonight.  

Is this the start of a beautiful relationship?  Or am I just being led on?  I don't know. . . .


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