Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Adjacent

So I've noticed a phenomenon recently in my wedding planning journey.  In the process of unplanning the wedding, Wes and I have been spending the wedding budget on things with long-term usefulness.

Exhibit A: The Mixer of My Dreams

We bought this stand mixer.  The mixer I've been lusting after.  And we got a pretty decent deal.  Why did we buy this?  Well, I've mostly written about Project Wedding Dress so far however, there is also a Project Wedding Cake on the horizon as well.  So far Wes has made a pound cake.  I'll be testing out the dough hook soon and bake some bread.

Exhibit B:  A Fitting Assistant

Continuing on with Project Wedding Dress requires more hands and agility than I have.  Fitting on myself is just hard and while Wes is a real help, I just wish I had a little more control over the whole process.  Hence, the dress form.  Beyond Project Wedding Dress, I also plan to make a lot more of my own clothes.  I'm pretty much over ready to wear clothes that just don't fit right.  Project Wedding Dress has really given me a lot of confidence in my construction abilities.

Both of these are fairly major purchases.  (Of course, anything over fifty bucks is a major purchase to me.)  However, they both will have usefulness that will outlive the wedding. 

Yay! for longevity.

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