Thursday, May 5, 2011

The New Housecoat

Y'all know what a housecoat is right?  Not quite a robe, not at all something you'd want to be seen in public in?

Well, as I continue on my journey of slowly but surely becoming my own mother, I have finally understood why such things exist.  Why continue wearing respectable clothes when you're at home and not planning to go anywhere?  Why give in to the schlubbiness of rocking the same pair of around-the-house sweatpants everyday.  (Calling them yoga pants doesn't change a thing) 

Put on a damn housecoat!  It's comfortable, it's usually patterned and therefore an excellent hider of stains making it wearable for, well, days.  It's a dress so from a distance it looks like you're trying harder than you really are.

Hence, my housecoat creation.  I could have gone all out with sleeves and snaps and piping and pockets for random munchies . . . but I couldn't bring myself to take it there.  Maybe I'll be ready for the big housecoat leagues in about twenty years.  For now, I would like to maintain some sort of semblance of youth.  However, in the interest of maximum schlubbiness, I kept it simple and made it work with just elastic.

As long as the boobage stays above the elbows I'm considering it a win.

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