Friday, May 6, 2011

Cherry Lola Revisited

Remember Lola?

Yeah, I have better pictures this time.

To refresh . . . the Cherry Lola treatment is supposed to reduce frizz and help define curls.  It's also a nice protein treatment.  I've done it before and gotten pretty decent results.

Check the before . . . poor little worn out afro puff.

All photos by me
Now the Cherry Lola mix.  Yogurt, a little baking soda and a little liquid amino acids.  Mix that up and let it sit for a minute.  It will get nice and foamy.

You should also gather the rest of your supplies.  For me that includes a Kroger bag because . . . well, why buy plastic processing caps when our Kroger bag collection is driving me fricking insane?

Slather it on.  You can already see my hair trying to curl up.

Wrap it up and let it sit.  I added the towel because I like to have the blinds open and well, I can't be sitting here with a Kroger bag on my head.  Anyway, let it marinate for like twenty minutes.

The result pre-conditioner wash.

Post conditioner wash

And with a little Kinky Curly action.  Leave In and Curling Custard.


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